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About GeekThink Films

GeekThink Films is the only movie program for seventh and eighth graders in the country. Our mission is to create powerful stories that tackle issues that matter to kids today. Each film is edited, directed, produced, shot, and written by the students.




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Previous Movies

GeekThink Films makes a short film every year. Each story is unique to that year’s class, but they are all joined together by the triumphs and tribulations of both our school, and the gifted population as a whole.

Year 4

As They Were

As They Were is GeekThink Films’ fourth production, telling the stories of seven senior citizens from Colorado Springs and the adversity they faced throughout their childhood. The film brings to life their stories of World War II, the Holocaust, and the assassination attempt on President Ford.

Year 3

Dear Universe,

Dear Universe, tells the story of two pen pals writing to each other through time. It tackles bullying and isolation — in both the present day and the past — as well the Colorado earthquake of 1882.

Year 2

The Hidden Light

The Hidden Light is centered around the problem of youth homelessness. It tells the story of a homeless girl caring for her brother and how she has to go out of her comfort zone to save her brother when a storm hits.

Year 1

Silent Echo

Silent Echo was the first movie made by GeekThink Films, telling the story of a deaf girl who is bullied and made fun of. She struggles to make it through each day until a little boy shows her the power of music.